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Antariksha Sanchar: Transmissions In Space (Episode Zero) is a PC game that might be India's first major cultural video game - inspired by, and amplifying the vibrant, timeless cultures of South India. A point and click adventure, it's narrative manifests as a speculative science fiction experience, inspired by the dream theorems of the prodigious mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and the Indian classical dance of Jayalakshmi Eshwar.

The game follows a simple yet remarkable family living in the early 1900s in a temple town inspired by the city of Madurai, as they construct a new philosophy blending ancient culture, spirituality, natural creation, science and synaesthesia. Philosophical conversations, a unique Indian fantasy steampunk aesthetic, and a transmedia ecosystem render the game as an engaging, educative and surprising peek into Indian culture interpreted by an emerging generation of Indian media artists. A special feature of the game is the memorable Indian classical soundtrack of Carnatic musicians and instrumentalists, while a comprehensive concept card system informs players of a number of marvellous Indian personalities.

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Festival Selections 2016

  • IndieCade Festival
  • Alternate Realities at Sheffield DocFest2016
  • Radius Festival 2016 (Vienna)
  • Busan Indie Connect Festival, South Korea
  • GameON Pitch Competition, Toronto
  • Indie Prize Showcase at Tel Aviv, Israel
  • A-Maze Festival, Johannesburg
RELEASE DATE : March 2017
Published Oct 13, 2016
StatusIn development
Tagsculture, india, Sci-fi

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